When should I schedule my bare sunless session?

Your sunless session should be scheduled 2 days before your special event, trip or any life adventure that calls for a bare sunless tan (I.E. life).  You may choose to schedule your bare session 1 day before a long trip or vacation (Not recommended for first time sunless tanners).  

* It's always important to leave enough time (24-48 HRS) in between the time you need to be tanned from when you get tanned in the unlikely event you have any issues with your sunless tan.

* You may choose to boost your bare sunless session to an express tan in the event you are in a time crunch.  Please note the only thing that will change is the rinse time, your bare sunless session will still develop in 8-24 HRS.

When should I schedule my mani pedi?

Your mani & pedi should be scheduled 1 day before your sunless tan for optimal results.