What is ice therapy and how does it work?

Ice therapy is a treatment that converts stored fat into energy, reducing measurements, firming, toning, detoxifying and targeting unwanted fat. Thermogenesis is a part of ice therapy. Its a process that creates heat when cold is applied to the body. This helps burn your adipose tissue (white fat cells).

What is the frozen ice product?

Our frozen ice product helps trigger thermogenesis which will help burn stored fat and sculpt your body. This frozen product is made up of organic herbs and clays to help restore your body and is designed to not only reduce measurements but it will also help tone your skin, help with elasticity, diminish the coloring of stretch marks, provide you with smooth skin and so much more.

Why is bareSCULPT the best option today?

bareSCULPT treatment is the only treatment at the moment that targets specific areas of the body organically all in one treatment. This treatment is only one hour long and the benefits are outstanding. Clients have lost 2-4 inches in just one session and their skin and cellulite has diminished. The active ingredients absorb into your body and dispose of toxins- firming, toning, activating the production of collagen and elastin. By this activation it provides oxygen to the cells, revitalizing the skin. These herbs and clays dissolve fat deposits, so that skin looks firmer and cellulite free and best of all it is all organic!

Who can use this?

This treatment is perfect for men & women. No age limit.

  • For someone slim- This will firm, shape your body and reduce the appereince of cellulite.

  • For those who want to loose a significant amount of weight. While loosing sizes the skin will reduce and tone at the same time.

  • For those who have lost elasticity and have areas of the skin that are sagging. This will help tone the body.

  • For mommies post baby- Helps shape everything back in place.

  • For those who want to take advantage of its beautifying and anti aging properties.

How many sessions are needed?

It all depends on your personal goals and skin type. Intensive treatments involve up to 3 applications per week, cutting 1-2 sizes on average (depending on skin type and body). Passive treatments involve 1 session a week or 1 session a month. It can be customized based on your schedule, time involvement & how fast you want to see the results. We recommend 10 - 12 sessions as consistent as possible for maximum and long lasting results.

How long do the results last?

The results can last 6 months to 1 year. There have been clients who finish their bare SCULPT treatment and come back a year later in the exact state as after their treatment. You will need to do some lifestyle changes if you would like to see even more lasting results.

Can I come back after my treatment is done to do maintenance?

Yes of course! We have clients that do this once a week for their therapeutic properties.