the great outdoors

Aside from increasing your physical activity, there are other benefits to taking your workout to the great outdoors.

You’ll find that it is more enjoyable.

According to research, outdoor exercise has been linked to feelings of increased energy and decreased anger, tension and depression. Not only will exercising outside be good for your body but it will be good for your mood, too.

You’ll do more of it.

If you take your workout into nature, you’re more likely to exercise longer than if you stayed indoors. One study found outdoor exercisers did about 30 more minutes of physical activity each week than those who stuck to indoor activity.

Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities.

  • yoga | Grab a mat and get a workout in enjoying the serene sounds of nature. One of our fave local outdoor yoga event is Yoga Under the Stars at the historic pearl on Tuesdays 9pm. For more information you can check them out @nomadikyoga on Instagram.

  • hiking | A great way to get in a soulful workout. Grab a partner and head on over to your fave local park. One of our fave is the Phil Hardberger Park about .25 of a mile from our studio. It’s such a relaxing way to spend an early morning or late afternoon.

  • biking | Find your neighborhood park and take the old bike for a ride. Remember how carefree you felt when riding a bike as a child!? It’s such a liberating experience you’ll want to revisit.

  • walk the dog | A long walk with Fido will sure get the blood flowing. Such an easy and achievable workout that can be incorporated on a daily. Some of our fave spots around town are the San Antonio River or Brackenridge Park.

We hope this this will inspire you to take your next workout to the outdoors. Get your steps in and let’s close some rings!

Ps: this pic was taken in Colorado during one of the outdoor adventures of gabe + tania. Check out our Instagram @baresunless for a sneak peak of their outdoor fun in colorful Colorado.